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This series of products have high rigidity body structure material, double column support, independent cross beam structure design. Nitrogen counterweight assisted equipment in the head of the machine can reduce the load of the screw and motor. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, high-end mold processing and other fields.
The wire rail design on all four sides of the head can reduce the head cutting rotary extension swing and vibration problems. It provides solid support for high speed operation of the spindle, ensures machining accuracy, and meets the needs of low-speed constant torque and high-speed constant power cutting.

At present, the company mainly promotes the straight-cut spindle, with light mass and low expansion coefficient, which can greatly reduce the centrifugal force of high speed of hot-temperature machine and greatly extend the spindle life.
The spindle adopts P4 grade precision bearings, high steel and heavy chip resistance, high reliability and other advantages.
The spindle is equipped with bearing air curtain protection device and cooling function to enhance the spindle life and the accuracy of machining.

The cross beam has a large and extra wide support area at the combination of cross beam and column. The cross-shaped cross-alignment structure design of its internal ribs not only reduces the weight of the column, but also strengthens the torsion distance resistance of the cross beam.
The stepped design of the guide rail makes the saddle and headstock mounted on the cross beam with enhanced stability and ensures the machining accuracy of the machine.

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