What is a CNC Machine Center

The CNC machine center is a state-of-the-art manufacturing machine equipment. It can perform different machining operations such as lathe, drilling, and milling. All operations can be done with maximum precision, excellent surface finish, and high quality.

At Gamma, we offer a 5-axis, horizontal, and vertical CNC machine center to take your operation drive forward. Our range of robot CNC machines provides multiple platforms that combine accuracy, power, and stability.

CNC Machine Center


Main Purpose of Robot CNC Machine and Its Mechanism Type

The primary purpose of the robot CNC machine is to minimize the time of production and advanced mechanism, such as:

  • Automation Tool Changer (ATC)
  • Automation Pallet Changer (APC)
  • CNC Servo System
  • Feedback System
  • Re-circulating nut and ball screw
Different Types of Configuration Classification

Horizontal Machining Center

The CNC machining center possesses a horizontal spindle with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer). The ATC has a replaceable magazine in which multiple pieces of equipment can be stored. This tool can also hold 16-100 capacities.

In addition, APC can also be installed to minimize loading and unloading time. The APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) consists of 6, 8, or more pallets and the workpiece can be set in it. To finish the previous pallet, the machine needs to program.

Vertical Machining Center

This machine can perform numerous jobs in one setup. Most of them have three axis and others have spindle head functions that rotate on one or two axes. The vertical machining center is ideal for the mold processing industry to perform the engraving surface process. There are different types of vertical machining centers, such as:

  • Multi-spindles
  • Gantry structures
  • Walking columns

Universal Machine Center

This type of machine is comparable to a horizontal machining center. However, its spindle shaft needs to tilt continuously from a horizontal to a vertical position using computer control. Additionally, the universal machine center possesses five or more axes. It enables the workpiece’s top surface mounted on the horizontal machining center.

Advantages of CNC Machine Center


1. Speed

Speed drives the production efficiency of the robot CNC machine. It also reduces the cycle time of tasks. The rapid rates and higher feed of the CNC machine center can exceed up to 2,300 in./minute (ipm).

2. Repeatability

The machining process is controlled by a computer program with precision and consistency. Thus, the robot CNC machine accurately repeats all steps.

3. Precision

Precision machining allows the workpiece to beat tight tolerance. The construction and design of the CNC machining centers can cut precisely cut 0.001”.


1. Programmable

The robot CNC machine is programmed for the part process using different tools.

2. Adaptable by Setup

The switching process of the CNC machine center needs a setup to operate a new part. Setup includes the programs, tools, and fixtures so the machine is flexible to create different parts.

3. Types and Sizes

Lathes and mills are the types of CNC machine centers where lathes spin the part using a fixed cutter and the mill rotates equipment for cutting.


1. Automatic Changers

Robot CNC machine uses ATC (Automatic Tool Changers) to change tools through the program-controlling process. The machine then begins the features of cutting with a face mill.

2. Hydraulic Fixtures

Hydraulic fixtures involved support, unclamp, and clamp parts. Clamped parts are done with accurate pressure and sequence. Thus, the hydraulic system improves loading efficiency, consistency, and repeatability. All needed in production machining.

How to Improve the Accuracy of CNC Robot Machine
  1. Recognize the spindle
  2. Measure the process
  3. Raise the bar
  4. Control Chatter
  5. Inspect with a recommendation

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