What is CNC Tapping Center

The CNC tapping center is a digitally controlled machine for making machining parts for different industrial fields. This CNC machine has high accuracy, high speed, and high productivity features. The taping center development has enabled fine boring and milling in addition to tapping. It also allows the machine to achieve higher reliability, improved machining capabilities, and high productivity. The CNC tapping center is a type of machine that is ideal for fast, precise, and repeated processes.

Alfarobot is a leading provider of CNC tapping centers in China. They specialized in CNC tapping center machines for more than 3 decades of experience. Alfarobot offers various series of taping machines that are perfect for machining parts with threaded, deep, and multiple holes with harder materials.

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Features of CNC Tapping Center

The CNC tapping center has significant features. Check the list below.

  • Does not require a highly skilled operator to operate
  • Very versatile in nature
  • Supports precisely drilling on holes at pre-defined depths
  • Complex and heavy maintenance does not require
  • Made from top-grade components to ensure quality output for the intended task
  • No additional accessories are needed to work effectively. But can be retrofitted to a tapping center for additional functions.
Application for the CNC Tapping Center machining parts

The CNC tapping machine is effective in producing different machining parts such as shafts, gears, spindles, and disc parts. The machining parts are useful for various industries such as:
• 3C industry
• Industry of small molds processing
• Auto parts industry
• Medical Apparatuses industry
• Aerospace
• Others

CNC Tapping Center Maintenance

Here are some of the tips on maintaining a CNC tapping center:

  1. Air compressor needs to be drained persistently to avoid the bearing inflexibility of the drilling center caused by excessive water inside the compressor.
  2. To maintain the durability of the CNC drilling center, the oil cup must maintain the level of oil. The pneumatic motor gears and bearings must also be lubricated.
  3. Maintain to oil the bushing. If there is unwanted dirt in the CNC drilling machine oil, draining and refilling must perform.
  4. The hygiene and cleanliness of the high-speed tapping and drilling moving parts friction must regularly check. Lubricating oil must properly inject.
  5. After the daily work, the operator shall vacuum the waste debris on the wiring terminal and spindle motor rotor end to prevent the unwanted waste from entering into the bearing.
  6. In conducting daily maintenance, moving parts, nuts, and screws must always check if there is loosening to avoid accidents.
  7. Before leaving the CNC tapping and drilling center machinery, the operator must ensure to stop/off all parts to prevent danger or misoperation.
Types of CNC Tapping Center

The tapping centers are commonly divided into two main categories based on the workpiece’s distinct clamping mechanism such as horizontal tapping center and vertical tapping center. As implicit in their name, horizontal tapping centers perform side-to-side direction processing. Conversely, vertical tapping centers clasp vertically the workpiece. Both types of CNC tapping centers are capable of machining alike parts/objects for a wide range of industries like aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, medical devices parts, etc.

Limitations of CNC Taping Center

We cannot argue the fact that the CNC tapping center machine has a variety of advantages like its high accuracy and superb speed functions. But we also know all machines/robots have their own certain limitations. One well-known disadvantage of CNC tapping machines is that for every different hole size required to be threaded, it also requires different tap sizes. This means that it is very consuming of limiting positions and a large number of resources in tool magazines. Aside from that, having to switch between different tapping tools for every hole size will be time-consuming.

Basic Parts of CNC Taping Center

The CNC tapping center is composed of various parts. Its basic parts include:
• Central automatic lubrication system
• High-precision linear actuator
• Protective cover (electric box cooler, fully enclosed)
• Tools and toolbox
• Warning light (three colors)
• Working lamp
• Spindle oil cooling device
• Coolant tank
• Air gun
• Telescopic protective cover (X, Y, Z)
• Horizontal adjustment screw and block
• Mpg handwheel
• Transmission interface
• Rigid tapping

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