Company News丨 OPEN DAY! Gamma CNC Factory Open Day is a perfect end!

On September 22, the first phase of the education and training exchange Open Day held by Gamma CNC was successfully concluded. This activity aims to further strengthen the communication between Gamma and customers, share the latest technology and case experience in the industry, attract many new and old customers to participate, deepen the customer’s awareness of our brand, and feel our “customer first, customer first” business philosophy.
At the beginning of the event, the company leader made a warm speech, welcoming the visit of all customers, and expressed their gratitude for the support and trust of customers all the time, and the expectation of continued cooperation in the future.

During the event, we arranged a number of sessions, including case sharing, FANOVI3.0 system development learning and on-site interactive Q&A. Jia Ma invited Beijing Fanke professional technical personnel to share some successful cases with the expansion of FANOVI3.0 function of the machine tool, further enhance the humanized interface operation, close to the continuous progress of the machine tool technology, wide application in various industries, in-depth understanding of the great potential of the machine tool in intelligent manufacturing.

In order to better enhance the interaction with the participants, we specially set up an interactive question and answer session. Through interaction with professionals, customers can enrich their expertise and solve the problems they encounter in practical applications.

Machine troubleshooting and maintenance courses and automation case sharing are also a highlight of this event. Gamma professional and technical personnel theory and practice combined with vivid demonstration and detailed explanation, for the majority of Gamma customers to provide more efficient, convenient, accurate after-sales service and one-stop automation solutions, to provide a strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation of machine tools.

In addition, Gamma demonstrates machine functions on site, allowing customers to experience our company’s products firsthand. Through the field visit, customers can watch the operation demonstration of the machine tool, on-site trial processing, understand its function and performance, and have in-depth communication with our engineers, get satisfactory answers.

Finally, the factory visit allows customers to have a more intuitive understanding of the scale and strength of Gamma. From the procurement of raw materials, planning and design, manufacturing and assembly, precision detection to the shipment process of the product, we show how a high-precision and durable machine tool is produced, and the production process of excellence has left a deep impression on the guests.

This educational training activity not only provides an opportunity for in-depth communication between Gamma and customers, enhances customers’ understanding of Gamma, but also builds a platform for participants to learn and exchange, and lays a solid foundation for better cooperation in the future.

In the future, Gamma CNC will continue to carry out similar activities to provide users with better products and services, closely strengthen communication with customers and partners, and continuously improve the brand influence and comprehensive strength of “Gamma CNC” to help the development of the industry.

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