The advantages of Gamma

1. GAMMA introducedfirst-class machining equipment
In order to ensure the quality and accurate delivery, GAMMA introducedfirst-class machining equipment, including large five-face double columnmachining center,horizontal machining center,double column grindingmachine, surface grinding machine,precision machining center,
lasercutting machine, bending machine, sand blasting and baking varnish andso on. The superb and precise manufacturing equipments ensure thequality and delivery in time.
2. Purchase advanced testing equipment
GAMMA tests every process of the manufacturing with world-clalss testing equipment to completely ensure the precision of products.
Hardness tester  Vibration tester  Noise tester  Temperature Tester  Electronic level  Spindle dynamic leveling tester  3D measuring instrument  Laser detector
3.Tempering furnace:Annealing of casting
GAMMA uses annealing furnace, according to the standard annealing requirements of castings to anneal, reduce brittleness, obtain the required toughness, plasticity, and eliminate internal stress.
Casting stress annealing from heating to heat preservation to cooling with the furnace, the whole process takes about 24-36 hours. After annealing, all castings are stored outside for more than 3 months, and natural aging treatment is carried out to further release internal stress.
Precision assembly is served as a heart of machiningcenter. To ensure the precision of the product, GAMMA insist all the assembly should accomplished by us. We control each detail and process, detailing the assembly.Each process must be under strict inspection and recorded, then can be moved to next process.


Scraping technology
All contact surfaces (sliding surface, fixed surface) of GAMMA CNC are Scraping technology, and all the important joint surfaces are spatula between each other to ensure the stability of the combination of parts, to ensure the best assembly accuracy, structural strength and balanced load.
GAMMA is equipped with world -class testingequipment, with the attitude of pursuing perfect totest the whole process completely and carefully.Strive for the survival on basis of quality;providecustomers with high performance and high quality.high precision and durable products.


Inspection methods:
1.The flatness and parallelism of the linear quide withprecisionless than 0.01mm
2.The flatness of the spindle mounting surface should bewithin 0.005mm.
3.The flatness of the worktable should be within 0.02mm.
4.The testing of the rigidity of the casting should reach HB200
5.The flatness of the driving screw should be within 0.01mm.
6.The concentricity of the main shaft coupling should be within 0.005mm.
9 detection methods:

1.Spindle deflection test, for 300mm should be within 0.005mm to guarantee the precision andverticality of the spindle.

2.Test for the roundness ofthe ball bar, for 300mm should be within 0.012mm to guarantee theprecision and verticality of all axes.

3.Test for tension of spindle to test the tension of all axes.

4.Tes t for flatness and verticality of all axes, should be within 0.01mm.

5.Test for load of the tool storage and tool changing, with the max loading to change the toolthere is no abnormal in 24 hours.

6.Test for temperature of the spindle, after running for 24 hours, to check whether the temperatureof spindle is normal.

7.Vibration test for spinrdle, the vibration test for speed of the spindle, should be within 3um toguarantee the good processing surface.

8.Test for processing, each machine will have one standard sample to test the processing precision.

9.Laser testing, the whole process running precision all are through correction and compensation to guarantee the precision of positioning reproduce.

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