GAMMA service

A comprehensive customer service system isestablished.The aspect such as serviceattitude,service standard and serviceprocess control is managed. The servicesprovided to this project include technicalsupport of telephone, service communicationcustomer complaints,door-to-door service.after-sale return visit, etc.


24-hour service commitment is made. We timely solve the problem of product for thecustomer and provide professionalservices.
GAMMA in Suzhou has a large factory and marketing center, domestic direct sales and service outlets more than 90. At the same time, technical training and after-sales service centers will also be established in the local area. GAMMA’s complete marketing service team and strategic layout can provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality overall automation solutions and more convenient and efficient services, is a trusted automation partner!

One-stop CNC machine tool manufacturer

If you are looking for a professional CNC machine tool manufacturer, Gamma CNC machine tools is your first choice.

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