What is Gantry Machining Center

The gantry-type machining center is a highly developed machine that is not only useful for the design (double column) of the frame of the machining center but can also handle numerous heavy-duty machining jobs at once. Before, the gantry structure was evolving from a milling machine. Afterward, the development of the gantry machine is successful and progressive in the industries, particularly in the aerospace field. Today, the gantry machining center is extensively used in several industries and creates substantial contributions to world industry development.

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The Milling Process of Gantry Machining Center

With regard to the gantry-type machining center’s milling process, this process is using a rotating tool that removes the material workpiece by proceeding with the tool into other workpieces. That process can be performed in different directions in gantry machining. Same to turning, milling is also considered one of the machining methods that is commonly used and has the ability to achieve precise toleration with the exact requirements.

The 2 Categories of Gantry Machining Center

Gantry machining is generally divided into 2 categories, horizontal machining centers, and vertical machining centers. The horizontal gantry machining center’s main axis is placed horizontally and it’s positioned lying down when the gantry machining will perform. The vertical gantry machining center that has a structure with vertical alignment processed the workpiece with a cutting tool that moves up and down.

The Capacity of the Gantry Machining Center for Heavy Cutting

The invention of the gantry technology for milling machines in the industry of machine tools, like the 4 or 5-axis machining and advanced milling centers, anticipate great additional assistance for heavy machining and vibration management. Other gantry columns and types are invented as movable machining axis. As there is the addition of a movable axis, the milling capacity of the machining center is ameliorated.

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