Honoring dedication and treasure again | Gamma retirement ceremony

In order to reflect the company’s care and love for retired employees, further enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of retired employees, and enhance the cohesion and appeal of the organization, on the afternoon of December 28, Gamma held a simple and warm retirement ceremony for two employees who retired honorably, saying goodbye to their jobs of struggle and dedication.

The two aunts are Wu Guiying, a cleaner from the general affairs department, and Guo Juxiang, a grinder from the sheet metal section. During their work in Gamma, they were diligent and meticulous, and were highly praised by their colleagues. Over the years, they have made many contributions to the company.At the beginning of the ceremony, the company’s leaders made a warm speech, expressing the highest respect and gratitude for the two employees’ hard work and selfless dedication over the years.

Afterwards, the two aunts also made a short and touching retirement speech, expressing their deep attachment and gratitude to the company and their colleagues.Although the ceremony is over, the blessings and gratitude to the two aunts will always stay in the heart of the company.Retirement does not fade, and the new stage of life can also shine and glow. I hope they will be healthy and healthy in the future, and have a colorful and happy life! Thanksgiving into applause, blessing into flowers, recall yesterday’s dribs and drabs, the days of struggle together, their spirit and effort will inspire everyone in Gamma, continue to carry forward their excellent quality, inspire all employees to carry forward the spirit of unity and struggle, and contribute their strength to the high-quality development of the company.

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