In the era of wave intelligence, Gamma enables industrial automation innovation

“Bay” has a gravity, and gathers the future!From November 27 to 30, 2023DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Expo successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall).During the four-day exhibition, the manipulator and Gamma CNC of Aierfa Industry made a surprise appearance, bringing automation production solutions in different fields to the audience. Now, let’s review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together.
On the exhibition, we displayed a full set of metal product processing line solutions, including CNC machine tools, manipulators, automatic control systems, etc., which attracted the attention of many professionals and visitors. The integration of these equipment and systems can realize the efficient operation and automation production of production lines, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.Our booth attracted the attention of many visitors.They expressed great interest in our products and automated production line solutions, and raised many questions about our technology and solutions.Our engineers and business team were enthusiastic, patiently answered their questions, and introduced our products and services to them in detail and professionally.During the exhibition, we also had in-depth negotiations with some potential customers. They expressed a high degree of recognition for our automation solutions and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us.We will continue to keep in touch with them and provide them with customized automation solutions to meet their production needs.
Relying on the deep cultivation and development of Aierfa Industry in the field of industrial automation for 35 years, Gamma CNC has been upgrading and innovating for many years, providing users with customized machine tool automation solutions, improving users’ production efficiency and efficiency, enabling manufacturing industry reform and promoting industrial automation innovation mode.
Gamma CNC can be tailored to customer personalized needs, optimize the processing technology and provide machine tool fixture solutions according to product characteristics, customize robot ground rail according to the spatial layout of automatic line, non-standard gantry type multi-axis truss manipulator, customize the PLC system of automatic line total control, customers can configure the number of machine tools according to production scheduling needs to participate in production and replace manual, reduce labor costs, improve processing efficiency, reduce the failure rate of finished products, and ensure the consistency and stability of products.

Metal automation production line (T3-200L+ lathe manipulator + LV-600L+ visual inspection + robot + ground rail) 1. Provide customers with product processing line solutions.
2. Provide feeding solutions according to product characteristics.
3. Provide visual inspection solutions according to production processes.
4. Optimize processing processes and provide machine tool fixture solutions according to product characteristics.
5. According to the automatic line space layout, customize the robot rail, non-standard gantry type multi-axis truss manipulator.
6. According to the robot feeding mode, provide machine tool peripheral sheet metal automatic door customization.
7. Customized automatic line total control PLC system, customers can configure the number of machine tools according to the production scheduling demand to participate in production.
8. Replace the artificial, improve the processing efficiency, reduce the failure rate of finished products, suitable for large and medium-sized workpiece batch production.

With the continuous change of market demand, as the basis of manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry has ushered in a new era of high-end and intelligent. Gama will continue to carry out technological innovation, accelerate technological upgrading and quality advancement, customize a full set of solutions for customer needs, realize the efficient automation of the production process, and work together with the partners of manufacturing industry to create a better future!
If you are interested in our automated production line solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be happy to provide you with professional service and support.

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