Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machining center is a cutting device mainly used to remove hard metals like steel or aluminum. This type of machine enables the metal to form any shape needed. Additionally, CNC vertical machining center can perform a lot of operations. Including chamfering, engraving, carving, or drilling.

The vertical CNC machine is mostly used in numerous applications and industries. Some industries that use VMCs include machine shops, manufacturing, shipping, and the automotive industry.

Alfarobot is a leading vertical machining center manufacturer in China, available in a wide range of capacities and sizes. We manufacture them with reliability, quality, safety, and ease of operation. All of our machines are incorporated the most advanced, latest milling technology to help you grow your business and boost productivity.

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Features of Vertical CNC Machine
  • 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis
  • Integral cooling temperature stability
  • Hybrid roller guides provide reliability and durability for lasting accuracy
  • On-board probing for feature inspection and locating part with cutting cycle
  • Easy to use CNC controls to boost productivity and simplify programming
  • Pallet changers for maximum spindle utilization and minimize the part cycle times
What Are the Difference Between VMC and CNC
Having three axes – the x, y, and z Having two axes – the x and z
Automatic change of tool through ATC arm. Needs to change the tool to perform different operations through the turret index.
Mainly utilized for milling face and milling end Often used for cutting metal
Only the z-axis geometry offset z-axis and x-axis geometry offset
The spindle is used as a tool-supporting device and magazine for tool holding. The turret is used as a supporting device and tool holding
Advantages of Vertical Machining Center
  • Simplest Structure: It makes the machine clamp the workpiece easily in the desired position.
  • Excellent Cooling Efficiency: VMC is designed with gravity works. The top of the machine is being sprayed with coolant. Then, the workpiece trickles down to protect the target.
  • Easy to operate and set up: The vertical machining center possesses a broad vision. It allows the operators to observe the operation and make modifications, if needed, to resolve issues.
  • Small Space Requirement: VMC takes lower floor space compared to the horizontal.
  • Maximum Accuracy: The machine can create complicated structures and shapes with maximum accuracy.
Wide Scope of Application

The vertical machining center is used for large production, high-accuracy, and high-precision projects, such as:

  • Complicated Curved Parts such as impellers, propellers, and cams. These parts are hard to fabricate with accuracy and precision through traditional machining operations. However, VMC can create them quickly and easily.
  • Irregularly Shaped Parts or Special Parts such as bases and brackets. The vertical machining center can produce them easily compared to other manufacturing processes.
  • Military Parts. The precision and accuracy of the CNC vertical machining center ensure the fabricated military parts fully exceed industry specifications.

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